Kids & Divorce: Top 5 Back-to-School Tips

Kids Divorce Top 5 Back-to-School Tips

Support Your Kids Instead of Struggling with Your Ex I’m not sure how it can already be that time of year when we start gathering immunization records, filling out school forms, and downloading the school supply list. For many divorced parents, summertime is when residential schedules loosen up. But, the school year requires increased coordination […]

Divorce and the First Day of School

Divorce and the First Day of School

The other night, I was exchanging parent fails with a dear friend. Her daughter, Nora, just started first grade. A lot happened over Nora’s summer. Her parents got a divorce. Her Mom took her to her first day of school. Nora’s first task as a first grader was to draw a picture of her divorced […]

Bossy? Me?

We did an informal poll of all the fabulous women who make up a majority of the employees here at Team DuBois Levias and we asked them a simple question: What’s the word “Bossy” mean to you when you hear it from someone else? The answers were great and here they are: Decisive Assertive Mellifluous […]

When a Divorced Parent Moves Away

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As Seattle divorce attorneys, it is not unusual for us to see one parent relocate to another part of the country, and sometimes to another country, after going through a divorce in Washington State. When this happens, it amounts to a huge adjustment for everyone in the family. Moving away (with or without your children) […]