Co-Parenting Tips For Your Northwest Summer

Co-Parenting Tips For Your Northwest Summer

While kids can’t wait for the hottest months and for school to be out, parenting during the summer can be a ton of work. Coordinating summer school and day camps, vacation schedules – it can take the strategic planning skills of a masterful CEO and an assistant for working parents to hold it all together […]

When a Divorced Parent Moves Away

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As Seattle divorce attorneys, it is not unusual for us to see one parent relocate to another part of the country, and sometimes to another country, after going through a divorce in Washington State. When this happens, it amounts to a huge adjustment for everyone in the family. Moving away (with or without your children) […]

Child Custody Plans in a Seattle Divorce

Child custody issues for Seattle parents can be traumatic. For most parents, the scariest part of a divorce is the thought of losing contact with your children. It’s important to retain a lawyer practicing in Washington State who deeply understands this fear, and who will fight for the best possible result for you and your […]