Understanding the Change to the Vaccination Law in Washington State

Vaccination law

When going through divorce with children, it’s important to keep in mind that the issue of whether to vaccinate your child is typically considered a joint health care decision under most temporary parenting plans. This means that unless you have court-ordered sole decision making, you and your spouse will need to be on the same page […]

The Buzz about Washington’s Child Relocation Act

Child Relocation Act

It’s no secret that housing prices in King County are skyrocketing . Plus, in this global economy, job hopping is no longer frowned up and out of state job transfers are commonplace. Exciting new jobs can turn a longstanding parenting arrangement upside down. To avoid creating panic on both sides, it’s a good idea to learn a little […]

Tips from a Bellevue Divorce Lawyer

Worried Single Expectant Mother

What you expect when you’re expecting…. and you’re not married. A friend of mine used to say, there is a reason why mother nature designed pregnancy to take 9 months – because you need time to get used the idea of being 100% responsible for a small person. Whether you’re the one giving birth or the […]