Tips from a Bellevue Divorce Lawyer

Worried Single Expectant Mother

What you expect when you’re expecting…. and you’re not married. A friend of mine used to say, there is a reason why mother nature designed pregnancy to take 9 months – because you need time to get used the idea of being 100% responsible for a small person. Whether you’re the one giving birth or the […]

Does Your Spouse want an Open Marriage?

For better or for worse, the modern marriage is being redefined. Consensually non-monogamous relationships are becoming more mainstream.  Word is that open marriages are growing in parts of the country where the technology industry is booming. This could be because of the way millennials view marriage. More and more millennials are open to non-monogamy. Marriage rates among millennials […]

Be A Bold Bride And Get A Prenup

Be A Bold Bride And Get A Prenup

The other night, I took my daughter and her nanny, Charlie, out to dinner. Charlie is 22, a star athlete in high school and college who spent a summer modeling in Milan and London. We were celebrating her official letter confirming her full ride to graduate school this fall. Needless to say, the world is […]

Seattle Prenuptial Agreements

When people hear about prenuptial agreements, most of them think of famous and wealthy people. But a prenuptial agreement is simply an agreement that a couple signs before they get married. Sometimes it’s called an antenuptial agreement. An agreement like this usually contains a list of all of the parties’ assets and who owns what […]