Doing our diligence for queer couples in Pride Month — 3 states to watch for 

Pride flag in front of a blue sky.

Navigating a divorce can be overwhelming, and for queer couples going through a separation, we understand the added concerns community members face due to discriminatory laws rampant across the U.S.  As a women-owned law firm proudly serving our LGBTQ+ community in Washington state, we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence as lawyers dedicated to family […]

Tips from a Bellevue Divorce Lawyer

Worried Single Expectant Mother

What you expect when you’re expecting…. and you’re not married. A friend of mine used to say, there is a reason why mother nature designed pregnancy to take 9 months – because you need time to get used the idea of being 100% responsible for a small person. Whether you’re the one giving birth or the […]

Divorce and Child Custody Across Borders

Divorce and Child Custody Across Borders

One of the things I love most about Seattle and Bellevue is our growing international diversity. According to a recent 2015 article from the Economic Development Counsel of Seattle and King County, 1 in 3 residents of Bellevue are foreign born. This is due in part to the increasing number of international companies that are […]