Collaborative Divorce is a Great Option

Collaborative Divorce is a Great Option

Want to Engage In a Reasonable Divorce Process? So you’ve decided you have to get a divorce. The marriage is no longer viable for either of you, and you need to part ways. It’s a difficult decision, and most people think the first thing to do is hire a lawyer to protect themselves against their […]

Why Collaborative Divorce is a Great Alternative to Litigation

Collaborative Divorce is a process in which lawyers and specialists – financial, parenting, and others – sit down with a couple who want to divorce and then help them get through the process calmly and confidently. The point of collaborative divorce is for both parties to come to an agreement without resorting to an adversarial […]

Collaborative Divorce is an Excellent Alternative for Families

Collaborative law offers divorcing couples a child-centered, respectful and efficient means of resolving divorce disputes. Collaborative law offers couples the advantage of heightened privacy and control over the process. The goal of collaborative law is to help couples make decisions about divorce, child custody and other family law issues. You create the future you want […]