Mei Shih – Votes For Women

Mei Shih, Women Vote

As a law firm comprised of women lawyers who are leaders in our homes, communities, and workplace, let’s take a moment to celebrate 100 years since women began to be able to vote in the United States. We recognize the fight for the right to vote for women of color continued after this historical marker […]

Women Vote – Freya Wormus

Freya Wormus

When did you know you wanted to become a family law attorney? Why? I was inspired to go to law school after my own experiences going through divorce and providing emotional support to friends going through divorce. I was eager to learn about the law and wanted to put it to use to represent people […]

Co-parenting in the Time of Coronavirus


On March 13, Governor Inslee declared a state of emergency under the Stafford Act. Courts in other states have closed and King County Superior Court is also taking precautions. The depth of the collective anxiety of self-quarantining is palpable. For those of us who operate under the confines of a Parenting Plan, the pandemic is a […]

Tech stock – how to split RSUs when you divorce in Washington state?

RSU Divorce_Fixed Assets

What is an RSU? Restricted Stock Units (aka “RSUs“) are company shares that are awarded to an employee subject to certain terms. RSUs can be avital part of tech and start up culture because they encourage employees to remain in the company and share in company growth. Companies can award employees vested and/or unvested RSUs […]