Tech stock – how to split RSUs when you divorce in Washington state?

RSU Divorce_Fixed Assets

What is an RSU? Restricted Stock Units (aka “RSUs“) are company shares that are awarded to an employee subject to certain terms. RSUs can be avital part of tech and start up culture because they encourage employees to remain in the company and share in company growth. Companies can award employees vested and/or unvested RSUs […]

Little Known Pitfalls of Co-owning Property

Little Known Pitfalls of Co-owning Property

People often set up bank accounts or real estate so that they own it jointly with a spouse or other family member. The appeal of joint tenancy is that when one owner dies, the other will automatically inherit the property without it having to go through probate. This may sound like a good idea because […]

How to Cover Your Bases When When You’ve Chosen Cohabitation

How to Cover Your Bases When When You've Chosen Cohabitation

Modern love brings us the choice and freedom not to marry. I was just reading a Pew Research Center report that states the average age of a first marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men, apparently a record high. That means a lot of people are choosing to cohabitate before marrying. Among the […]