Consultations to Ease Your Mind

For instant peace of mind, nothing beats talking with a divorce lawyer who understands the law and is on your side. Our consultations are in-depth and designed to answer your questions. A divorce is not only an emotional gut punch and lifestyle hard turn, it’s a strategy you develop with a trusted professional. A lot of planning goes into a good divorce. The more lead time you have, the better prepared you’ll be when the time comes to file.

If you’re considering a divorce, set up a time to talk to us today. We’ll help you understand the ups and downs, ins and outs, and sideways feelings you’ll have on this journey.

Plan Ahead

“Plan ahead and prepare” is the first rule of wilderness survival, and it’s the first rule to navigate the wilderness of divorce, too. Working in family law and divorce in Washington state for 30 years, we offer tips born of experience. Learn more about Pre-divorce planning. 


If needed, say a lawyer recommended this: lock yourself in the car and have a good cry…or feral scream. Get some exercise, even if it’s just around the block. Take a hot bath. Watch a dumb movie. Take care of yourself, is what we’re saying. You’ll need energy to get through the next several months. Do the self-care version of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first.

How to Find Your Team of Experts.

You’re about to embark on a pretty intense relationship involving skilled practitioners. You need an experienced family law attorney you can confide in. When you interview a lawyer, you’re interviewing the team too. Aided by dedicated paralegals and a diverse team of trusted experts, hiring a lawyer at DuBois Levias is like gaining a whole backup squad. In some cases, this might include a financial expert, a CPA, a parenting expert, or a vocational therapist.