High Conflict Divorce

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High Conflict Divorce Cases Heat Up Quick

You keep trying to work things out, but everything seems to be getting worse. If contentious times in court now look like an inevitability, you probably have a high-conflict case on your hands.

High-conflict cases boil down to high-conflict personalities. This could mean your ex or their lawyer makes almost everything a struggle. Your attorney often needs to engage in legal discovery to learn even the basic facts of your case. This might require interrogatories, subpoenas, and depositions rather than a simple call to opposing counsel.

High-conflict cases often end up in trial. You’ll need the strength of experience to see this through. You’ll need a legal team on their toes pretty much 24/7. Diligent and unintimidated, our lawyers limit the number of high-conflict cases we take on at any given time.

We recognize you’re in a crisis situation. When you’re on the receiving end of a barrage of aggressive tactics and nasty accusations, you need to feel legally and emotionally supported in the often-nonstop whiplash.

The Effects of High-Conflict Divorce on You and Your Children

A high conflict divorce is usually bad for everyone. In the 1980’s there were several studies on the effect of divorce on children. If you anticipate a high conflict divorce, you should be aware of the statistics and be prepared to help your children deal with their stress.

Obviously, it is critically important that you are able to care first for yourself, and then for your children as you go through a high conflict divorce. And dealing with your lawyer should not add to that stress. In a high conflict case it’s very important to try to shield your children from the ugliness. You will probably need the help of a child specialist to educate you about how to support your children. This kind of expert is a vital team member who can work closely with your lawyer. Our lawyers have strong relationships with child specialists so your legal team is cohesive and can communicate well with each other.

In addition to a child specialist, you will likely need a financial expert who is experienced in hotly contested divorces. A good financial expert has paraprofessionals with divorce finance experience so you don’t find yourself paying three hundred dollars an hour for an expert to put together a spreadsheet for you.

In addition to the stress on children, the stress on the individuals going through divorce is overwhelming. In fact, depression and health-related issues are common, and the higher the conflict, the worse the effect.

Our aggressive, compassionate, and collaborative team is a powerful force in a high-conflict divorce. Things can heat up very quickly. You need a trial-ready and highly accessible lawyer with plenty of backup who can jump in without missing a beat.

Law-Related Research: War of the Roses

One out of four divorces result in high levels of conflict, a 2010 study published by Malcore, Windell, Seyun, and Hill found. 

“Predictors of Continued Conflict After Divorce or Separation: Evidence from a High-Conflict Group Treatment Program” – Journal of Divorce & Remarriage

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