Mei Shih – Votes For Women

Mei Shih, Women Vote

As a law firm comprised of women lawyers who are leaders in our homes, communities, and workplace, let’s take a moment to celebrate 100 years since women began to be able to vote in the United States. We recognize the fight for the right to vote for women of color continued after this historical marker […]

Women Vote – Freya Wormus

Freya Wormus

When did you know you wanted to become a family law attorney? Why? I was inspired to go to law school after my own experiences going through divorce and providing emotional support to friends going through divorce. I was eager to learn about the law and wanted to put it to use to represent people […]

Celebrating with Freedom Education Project Puget Sound

Celebrating with Freedom Education Project Puget Sound

Amanda DuBois serves on the FEPPS Board of Directors and is the managing member of DuBois Levias Law Group in Seattle, where she handles complex family law matters. Amanda believes that people will be able to more meaningfully engage in their communities if they understand how the legal system works, and so she created a […]

Ellie the Courthouse Dog Helps Children Through Divorce

Ellie the Courthouse Dog

If you’ve ever been to court – or even just been called for jury duty – you know that it takes time and energy, and it really can make a person nervous. The courthouse can provoke anxiety in even the steeliest person. Now imagine you’ve been the victim of a violent crime and have to […]