Practicing Family Law During Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus/COVID-19, Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Here at DuBois Levias Law Group we are very well aware that your family law issues will continue even as COVID 19 completely changes the way we communicate and practice law. We know that times of crisis are opportunities to dig deep and be nimble. Our entire team is up and safely running remotely and we’re […]

Divorce Issues Facing Women Business Owners

Divorce Issues Facing Women Business Owners

Women business owners rock. I just spent a weekend at a retreat with twenty amazing women and it reminded be why I love working with these types of women in their divorces. Talk about multitaskers! How do we manage to do it all day in and day out? When do divorcing women fit in time […]

Your Business. Your life. Your Divorce.

Your Business. Your Life. Your Divorce.

Women Business Owners in the Divorce Process I thought I could handle this – but I had no idea how complicated this would get so quickly. I need help. If you are a woman business owner, you’re likely an expert in planning, budgeting, project management, and evaluating results. You may even view your divorce as […]