What are Temporary Orders in a Seattle Divorce?

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What happens between the time you file for your divorce in Seattle and the day the final divorce order is entered in court? Who lives in the family home? Who pays the bills? Where do the children live?

I’ll show you how to take charge of your divorce process so that you’ll have financial security and a workable custody plan that will take you through the period before your divorce is finalized.

The time between filing and when your divorce is final is what Temporary Orders cover.

This can be agreed on by the parties, then filed with the court so it becomes enforceable.

In many instances, it’s just that simple. I’ll take the kids Mondays and Wednesdays, you take them Tuesday and Thursday and we’ll split the weekends. It’s pretty simple stuff when both spouses are agreeable.

That’s the least aggressive type of temporary order and it’s called an agreed temporary order because you worked it out and agreed this was the best way to handle this temporary time between filing and finalization of your Seattle divorce.

If the parties in a divorce cannot agree, then you are going to have to go to court for a hearing. And you are going to have to file some of the same stuff you had to file before, like a motion to have a “Temporary” hearing.

You are also going to have to provide evidence to back up your claims of what you are wishing to receive in a temporary order. So again, you are going to need a complete financial record, credit card and bank statements, ATM records, day care records, mortgage records, employment records, tax returns – all of those fun things that substantiate your request. It’s work!

This process is very similar to Mediation in that you are making requests concerning living arrangements, child custody and perhaps even temporary child support or maintenance depending on your specific information. You are going to decide who lives in the house, who moves, or maybe you’ve decided to sell the house and both move.

But the court is going to look at all the evidence and each of the requests and make a determining decision as to what the temporary orders will be in your particular Seattle Divorce case.

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