International Child Custody During Coronavirus

International Child Custody During Coronavirus

Seattle and Bellevue are home to a fluid cultural community of international high-tech professionals recruited by Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. It’s what makes living in the Northwest a true springboard to the world. But for global families, the adventure of living here can quickly become an epic nightmare when one spouse decides to head […]

Practicing Family Law During Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus/COVID-19, Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Here at DuBois Law Group we are very well aware that your family law issues will continue even as COVID 19 completely changes the way we communicate and practice law. We know that times of crisis are opportunities to dig deep and be nimble. Our entire team is up and safely running remotely and we’re scheduling […]

Tech stock – how to split RSUs when you divorce in Washington state?

RSU Divorce_Fixed Assets

What is an RSU?  Restricted Stock Units (aka “RSUs”) are company shares that are awarded to an employee subject to certain terms. RSUs can be a vital part of tech and start up culture because they encourage employees to remain in the company and share in company growth. Companies can award employees vested and/or unvested […]

Could I Be More Devastated About This Election Than I Was About My Divorce?

Could I Be More Devastated About This Election Than I Was About My Divorce

I received this text from someone I hold dear in my heart the day after the election and it stopped me in my tracks. No matter which candidate you supported, the 2016 presidential election has taught us that there are great divides in our country, differences paved over many years and steeped in domination, fear, […]