What’s Considered Separate Property in a Washington Divorce?

In Washington State (and not all states are the same), separate property is recognized and taken into account in divorce proceedings. Separate property is exactly what it sounds like: the separate assets owned by each spouse before marriage. Separate property also includes gifts and inheritances even if they are received during the marriage. Here’s an […]

Legal Coaching and How It Works In a Seattle Divorce

Why is it important to have a divorce settlement reviewed by an attorney, even if you and your spouse have a fairly amicable divorce? Serious consequences often follow a finalized divorce settlement that wasn’t reviewed by a lawyer. Most divorcing couples miss basic legal considerations (and rights) when they decide to engage in private divorce […]

Seattle Divorces and Community Property

Separate and Community Property There are two systems by which married people own property. In almost all states, married people own property under a system called separate property. A minority of states subscribe to the community property system. Washington State is one of those states. In separate property states, each spouse owns, in his or […]