How to Tell Your Kids You’re Getting Divorced

How to Tell Your Kids Youre Getting Divorced

My friend, Lisa, is one of the most formidable women I know. She is an extremely successful executive. She also happens to be a gorgeous, former 4H queen whose end of summer ritual is canning her own tomatoes in the company of her Mom and two small daughters. Lisa is one of those rare beings […]

Divorce and Parenting Plans in Washington State

As you may know, in Washington State, a child custody and visitation agreement is called a Parenting Plan. Some parents draw up a parenting plan, sign it, and never give it another thought. Other parents find having a plan that they can follow to the letter until their child goes to college helps alleviate any […]

Washington Divorce: A Child’s Bill of Rights

All children have the right to live in a safe, stable, loving environment even when kids are “in the middle” of their parents’ separation, divorce or remarriage. What Kids Need Kids need to: 1. Express love for both parents. 2. Remain connected to both parents’ families. 3. Remain involved in both parents’ lives. 4. Express […]