Child Custody Plans in a Seattle Divorce

Child custody issues for Seattle parents can be traumatic. For most parents, the scariest part of a divorce is the thought of losing contact with your children. It’s important to retain a lawyer practicing in Washington State who deeply understands this fear, and who will fight for the best possible result for you and your […]

Are You a Working Parent Who Wants Equal Custody?

If you are a working parent, you know full well how stretched to the limit you are juggling work and family life if you live in Seattle or Washington State. Now imagine you are heading into a divorce and you discover that your career has put you at a disadvantage in a child custody dispute. […]

Seattle Divorce and Child Custody

Child custody has evolved over the last several years and there are things you need to know about child custody and how it relates to your Seattle divorce, or Washington State divorce. No longer do we see Dads relegated to being, for lack of a better word, the second- class parent. Researchers have determined that […]